Fee Schedule

This page contains information regarding our fee policies and our current fee chart.

Registration Fee

There is a registration fee of $25.00 per child enrolled. The total registration plus the first week's tuition is due prior to the first day attended.

Tuition Fees (due and payable in advance)
Payment must be made either on Friday afternoon prior to week of service or Monday morning beginning the current week of service. Fees are based on the total cost of operation and the number of children scheduled in each age group. At the time of enrollment, parents may chose from either fixed or adjustable rates, you may not fluctuate between types. Fixed rate types mean you are paying for a slot, not for actual days or hours attended. (See current tuition chart below for choices available.)
Late fee

An additional $5.00 late fee will be added to each account not paid within three (3) days of due date. If fees are 2 weeks in arrears, the child can no longer return until payment has been made and your account is current.  Slots will not be held if a child is disenrolled due to lack of payment of fees or fines. 

Master Card, Visa, Discover or Debit Card Payments
We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover & debit cards for fee payment.  There will be a convenience charge of twenty-five cents plus 1.75% of the amount added for each payment made by this method. This charge is due to the fact that all fees shown below are discounted amounts for payments made with cash or a check.
Returned Checks

Parents will be charged the processing fee imposed by our Bank for any check returned to us for insufficient funds.

Miscellaneous Fees

We sometimes offer additional services which are optional. Cost is based on each individual service offered. Parents will be notified of any additional service & cost in advance. Transportation to and from local public schools may be available (on a limited basis) for school-age children. Please contact Director for availability of service.

After Hours Fine

The Center completely closes at 6 p.m. but the Infant & Toddler Rooms close at 5:30 p.m.

Pick-up after the designated closing time is in violation of Center policy. Parents who pick up their children after these times will be charged a fine of $5.00 for each 15 minute period, or part thereof. (for example 01 - 15 minutes late = $5.00 and 16 - 30 minutes late = $10.00, etc.). Fines will be based on arrival time as documented by our time clock at the front entrance (we will not waste additional time disputing whose watch or clock is correct.)  This fine is payable at the time your child is picked up. Please note: this is a fine and is in addition to any normal child care charges you incur. An unpaid fine is cause for termination of your child's placement. 
Staff members are required to wait with any child remaining after the designated closing time. Please be respectful and make sure your child is picked up in a timely manner daily. We realize that emergencies occur, but please call to let us know there is a problem if you must be late.  Failure to contact us combined with our inability to reach any of your child's emergency contacts could mean your child would be considered abandoned and local authorities would be contacted. 
Vacation Policy

Vacation is available for two weeks during any given calendar year, without carryover to another year. Child care fees, for absence due to vacation, will be reduced to one-half (1/2) of the regular weekly fee, on condition that written notice is given to the office manager at least (2) two weeks in advance. Vacation must be taken on a weekly basis.

Illness Policy

To be assured continued placement, parents are expected to pay full fees for each week their child is enrolled. In the event of illness of the child lasting in excess of five (5) continuous days, full fees will be charged for the first full week of absence.

The child’s placement can then be held for two (2) additional weeks at “no charge” only if the following two conditions are satisfied: the Administrator must receive notice from the parent during the first week of paid absence; and written verification of illness must be received from the child’s physician.

If the illness exceeds this additional two-week "no charge" period, the Administrator must be consulted. 

Withdrawal Policy

Two (2) weeks written notice is required for withdrawal. Parents are responsible for full payment of regular fees for a period of two weeks after delivery of the notice, or for two (2) weeks after the child stops attending the program without notice.


Fee Chart 
 (effective 08/29/2016)

Please check with CDC to verify current rates.



Fixed Daily rates are available for anyone who wishes to be scheduled for less than 5 days weekly.  There is a minimum of three (3) days attendance per week required for enrollment.  Fees must be paid for all days scheduled weekly, even if the child does not attend.

(5 or more hrs. daily)                     (0 - 4.9 hrs. daily)

INFANT $38.00                                INFANT $26.00

TODDLER $35.00                           TODDLER $24.00

PRESCHOOL $32.00                      PRESCHOOL $22.00

SCHOOLAGE $29.00                      SCHOOLAGE $20.00



Fixed Weekly rates are paid regardless of number of days or hours actually attended for the week. This is a continual, no-excuse rate. This fee must be paid weekly even if the child is absent all week.

       INFANT     $150.00

     TODDLER    $140.00

PRESCHOOL    $130.00

SCHOOLAGE    $130.00



These rates are available for anyone who wishes to pay only for actual hours attended during any given week. Fees will be determined weekly based on the following: a full-time fee will be charged for attendance from 25 to 60 hours weekly; a part-time fee will be charged for attendance from 7 to 24.9 hours weekly; and an hourly fee will be charged for 0.1 to 6.9 hours or for any scheduled hours over 60 hours per week. Non-attendance for any given week has no charge.

                           Full-time        Part-time       Hourly 

   Infant       $181.00          $125.00            $6.50

 Toddler      $165.00          $120.00            $6.00 

Preschool       $145.00          $100.00            $5.50     

    Schoolage      $120.00           $100.00            $4.50         
 SA (Summer)    $120.00           $90.00             $4.50        



Fixed Monthly rates are available for School Age children who are in attendance for only a few hours daily before and/or after public school hours. This rate is paid regardless of number of days actually attended in the month. Anyone not interested in paying this fixed monthly rate may choose from the adjustable weekly rates listed above.

(before school hours only)                         (after school hours)

       $107.50 monthly                                      $129.00 monthly

Whenever School is not in session, an additional charge will be added to the monthly fee for the additional hours each Schoolage child is in attendance at Day Care.