Our Mission & Philosophy

Our focus is on enriching the lives of our children and our community by providing high quality child care services for young children in a safe, nurturing developmentally appropriate environment with instruction that enriches both the mind and body. Our curriculum focuses on individualized instruction so that each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth can proceed at its own rate as each child strives to reach his or her own maximum potential. Health and nutrition are a critical focus of our program. 


We are dedicated to providing care and services for children from birth through age twelve that exceeds minimum requirements, while being supportive and sensitive to parent/family needs and diversity. We promote healthy children and families by providing nutritious meals, health and nutrition education, and daily physical activities.


The Child Development Center is an organization of instruction that recognizes two important aspects of growth and development of children:

1. Growth is a continuous process.

2. The individual rate of growth differs.

In recognition of these facts, the Staff seeks to individualize instruction so that the child's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth proceeds at his own rate as he reaches his own maximum potential.



We provide many low-income families with child care so parents can work or attend training, thus offer rates that are lower than most programs. We are committed to helping those in need and desire to continue to promote healthy children and families by providing nutritious meals, health and nutrition education, and daily physical activities for all children regardless of their age, ability, race, family income.


We believe in starting at a young age to build healthy minds and bodies, with this in mind we provide all children enrolled with two meals daily (breakfast and lunch), plus an afternoon snack. For many of our children these are the only nutritional meals they receive daily. Each meal meets one third (1/3) of their daily nutritional requirement based on UDSA Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines, and meals for our infants include iron fortified infant formula and cereal. We are currently the only provider in the county that provides these meals.


We provide services that exceed state requirements; have a prescribed individualized curriculum for all ages served; have educated, well trained and experienced staff members who continue to receive specialized training annually; we provide free social/emotional and development screenings, and offer hearing and vision screenings for young children ; we also provide health insurance for employees as well as vacation and holiday pay; and participate in the TEACH Program, which offers scholarships to staff members who desire to further their Early Childhood Education.


To provide quality child development/day care services for the young children of working parents and for all others who require and/or desire these services. To provide a supplement to the home in guiding the child's optimum development.